Undergraduate and Bachelors degree refer to the same degree and can be used together or separately, depending upon what you are talking about – the person or the degree. An undergraduate or undergrad as is commonly known is a person studying for a bachelor’s degree. Getting a bachelor’s degree is the ticket to a more promising career and is the minimum requirement for entry into any professional career. In most cases, you cannot attend a professional graduate school in law, medicine, or teaching education unless you hold a bachelor’s degree. Which means you will need a bachelor’s degree before enrolling in any master’s program.

A bachelor’s degree can be acquired after 3-4 years of education, depending upon which country you are studying in. For example, countries like USA, Canada, Australia, India, New Zealand take 4 years to complete the degree and UK, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands (Europe) take 3 years for the same. On completing this term, you will score 180 or 210 or 240 semester credits i.e. European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) credit points.

How to Choose a Bachelor’s Degree Program.

Before applying, you must get clarity on these questions.
Does this degree program fulfil the criteria for your intended profession?
Will your profession require licensure? If so, is this degree program approved for licensure?
Will this degree allow entry into a master’s degree, if you decide to further your educational goals in the future?
How much will it cost and is financial aid available?
What are your stay back & job options?

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The bachelor’s degree application needs vary from university to university and between country to country. Colleges require a valid high school degree and a complete application. Additionally, students may need to submit other documentation such as, official transcripts, or assessments.

At EduOptions Abroad we provide complete advice on all your study options to help you make the right selection. Contact our counsellors who will guide you to apply for a degree program that is best suited for you.