United Kingdom has long since known to be the capital of education, from the great halls of learning at Cambridge and Oxford to the many universities that offer a variety of courses – UK is the hub of higher education with the British system of education recognized across the globe and their degree having a distinction of its own. Universities in UK consistently rank the highest amongst global university ranking, with many having world-leading reputation for teaching and research. Added to which world-renowned experts, across fields frequently visit British universities to give talks and lectures, giving students an opportunity to learn and interact with some of the most brilliant minds in their field!

Tuition fees in the UK are comparatively lesser that their counter parts in the United States of America and Canada with the opportunity to supplement that with income from working while you study. Here, students can work for up-to 20 hours a week in order to earn and supplement their cost of stay, and when the academic year is over you can seek a full-time job to be able to cover all tuition fees and living expenses entirely on your own… One of the great advantages for Indian students is that there is no language barrier as all courses are taught in English which means, you will master a global language at no extra cost.

British universities are a melting pot of international students as they attract pupils from across the globe, making it an ideal destination to meet people from different cultures. This not only help to learn and understand their ways and appreciate different view-points but also goes a long way in shaping your own character and persona as a global citizen; not to mention the fact that students are able to make life-long friends and foster long term relationships with colleagues which can help as you build a career.  Moreover, the quality education that is associated with a British degree makes student extremely employable by organizations, government and international bodies.

Living in UK also means that you get to experience a lifestyle of a different kind of class and culture. You will also experience living without your family pampering and monitoring. While it may seem like fun, it also helps to make you independent and enhance your capability to make life decisions on your own, bringing a sense of responsibility and self-reliance that may not be possible otherwise – it teaches life skills like budgeting, managing your finances, your home and life with a sense of responsibility for the self and the ecosystem.

If  studying in the UK is an option you would like to explore mail me and I’ll be happy to share how you can go about making your dream of a world-class education and subsequent career a reality.