An island country in Southeast Asia, the Philippines is an archipelago of 7,100 islands. Despite being colonized by the Spanish for close to 330 years, the Philippines are more Asian than European in their culture and consciousness.

With tropical climatic, lush landscapes and long stretches of coastlines the Philippines are a naturally endowed country. The islands are home to some of the most diverse array of amphibians and reptiles.

Life in the Philippines generally rotates around the family. And family typically consist of grand-parents and parents mostly living in a joint family system where all members of the extended family gather together for family functions, national holidays and religious festivals. Philippino’s are a care free, fun loving people who are welcoming and accommodating. Known for their hospitality and caring nature, the Philippino’s are hard-working and easy to get along with.

While there are several native and regional dialects spoken, most Philippino’s learn English as the second language of instruction, making it easy to understand and integrate into their society.

Official language: English, Filipino
Capital: Manila
Currencies: Philippine peso
Dialing code: +63


Philippines is fast becoming a popular destination for students seeking an education in a foreign country. The Philippines offer quality higher education, more affordable tuition and stay options, making it a favorite destination for higher education, especially in Medical Sciences.

The Philippines is world renowned for its MD programme. Here medical colleges are regulated by the Philippines ministry of education making the admission process transparent and efficient. The universities offer Doctor of Medicine as per the American Standard of Education, with the language of instruction being English and many of the faculty being American. This also brings with it the after education, job advantage of practicing anywhere in the world, including in western countries.

Indian MBBS students have the added advantage:
– MBBS in the Philippines is recognized by MCI as an equivalent course.
– The universities in the Philippines not only prepare you for medical practice but also for the MCI screening test.
– For those students planning to migrate to the USA, your medical professors can help you pass the USLME part I and II in the Philippines.

These benefits make the Philippines a destination of choice for Indians as they don’t have to face the disappointment of being rejected in India due to lack of seats, opportunity or finance.


– The quality of medical science institutions in Philippines is well-recognized world over.
– Well-developed public transport system.
– Tuition fees and living cost are considerably lower than other study destinations.
– Safe and secure standard of living.


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